Somos Moto


Somos Moto is a unique digital motorcycle buying and financing marketplace. The platform connects buyers with dealers and lenders, providing a friction-free, fast and informed shopping and financing experience.


  1. Create a fluid experience to find the ideal motorcycle online
  2. Achieve leads through sign-ups
  3. Deliver meaningful value as measured by retention
  4. Drive revenue for the business by sales commissions, financing, and ads.


People who are interested in purchasing new motorcycles and look for information online


UX / Product Designer


Auto Fintech Latam


January 2018


4 months


Still ongoing and raised investment


Gathering information


We needed to know more about bikers and what they look for in a new motorcycle. I conducted field studies, surveys, interviews and focus groups.

Field Study

Observing the users in their natural environment—dealerships— was useful to analyze their behavior. They like to interact with the motorcycles as much as they can and ask multiple questions. Some wear biker clothing.


This exposition of motorcycles was a good place to identify the variety of users.



We conducted a survey to find out what users care about motorcycles.

424 User answers
20 Gifts delivered

What bikers look for when choosing a new motorcycle?


focus groups and interviews

We interviewed different group of users and we gave them a motorcycle gift.


Users profile is connected with the type of motorcycle they want

There are a different group of users, from those who only use their motorcycle as a work or transport tool to the ones who are passionate about the industry and partake in its lifestyle and culture.

Not everything is about price

Price is important but isn’t everything. We found out users mainly care about the cylinder capacity, what the motorcycle looks like, the price, and how comfortable to ride is.

Finding the ideal motorcycle is a tedious process

Current solutions have outdated data, such as the price and the list of models. Besides, motorcycles’ technical specifications are tough to digest for new users.

Defining the problem

Finding updated and thorough information about motorcycles is challenging. It requires a big effort to navigate through many websites to get the necessary information to buy a new motorcycle.

Bikers have to make more than four visits to a dealership to buy a new motorcycle.

Design Challenge

How might we provide accurate information for people who are interested in motorcycles to reduce the number of visits to a dealership?




Home Version 1

The challenge here was how to include different ways of searching. In this option, 50% users struggle with doing a search because there were many options upfront and the separations weren't clear.

Somos Moto Homepage

Home Version 2

By reducing the number of options, 90% of users were able to start searching. Users can search their ideal motorcycle by three types of searching: Quick Search, Search by Brand, or Guided Search.

Search results

After a previous search, users can get a more specific search by a variety of filters that show real-time results. Besides, they can order and choose display options to decide how to see the motorcycles' cards.

Search Results

Motorcycle Page

Once users pick one motorcycle card, they will see the motorcycle page with thorough information providing technical specifications, videos and galleries, and much more. Users can even play the sound of the engine, add the model to favorites or to compare.

Model Page

Compare motorcycles

The best way to be sure about a purchase decision is through effective comparison content. In this page, the user can compare up to 3 models and download the result in PDF format for easy printing

main character

One particular use case is how to navigate the platform if users don't have any experience with the motorcycle industry. The character Motencio engages users who don't know anything about motorcycles by reflecting different personalities based on user answers above.


Motencio's family

All terrain Motencio
sports motencio
sunny motencio
peruvian motencio
executive motencio
adventurous motencio
hard-working motencio

Guided Search

If users don't know which motorcycle to buy, this feature guides them through some prompts. Motencio, the character, changes his clothes based on the answers to match the users' profile and give them recommendations.




After design iterations, we were all excited to see the project on the internet. Since its launch, the product has helped hundreds of people to buy a new motorcycle. It also received the award Startup Peru in the category of Innovative Ventures achieving a funding for the Peruvian government

75 Motorcycles sold
25% Registered users
Startup Peru logo
Innovative Ventures 7th Generation

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