Secure Messaging

Summary & Impact

Secure Messaging on iOS, Android, and the web reduces phishing attacks, enhancing communication with support officers.

Main Goal

  • Act as the bank's digital front door.


  1. Reduce Support Calls
  2. Drive utilization


Bank digital users and bank support officers.


Lead Product Designer for the mobile app and the web


Lead Product Designer, Creative Director, PMs


November 2022


10 months (IOS, Android, Tablet, Web)


Published in the staging environment




Cyberattacks in the banking industry notably increased. In response, the bank aimed to address this issue by enhancing the security of communications.


Phishing attacks arrived by email

Certain clients received unusual or suspicious emails.


Sensitive documents exchanged via email

Critical documents were exchanged via email, compromising the level of security.


Bank support officers received multiple calls

Clients contacted bank support officers multiple times, diminishing their available time for other important tasks.

How could we create a safer and more convenient way to communicate with the clients?




Secure Messaging LP First Version

At first, we believed that providing email and SMS options would be advantageous for users who have a preference for a particular communication channel.

DSM Version 1

Secure Messaging LP Second Version

After testing, users found no clear distinction between email and messages. Consequently, we focused on messages, which is more consumer-friendly.

DSM Final version

Inbox First Version

The initial version aimed to showcase standard chat functions such as calling and voice recording, but due to time constraints, these features were not prioritized.

DSM Version 1

Inbox Second Version

The second option emphasized UI optimization with smaller avatars, organized threads, enhanced security through encryption for calls, and improved overall UI, including better spacing and a clear send button.

DSM Final version

Create organized discussions

We added threads to organize different client topics, emphasizing them since each client could only have a single support officer. This helps in identifying and addressing specific cases efficiently.

Exchange sensitive information securely

We optimized the document-sharing process, simplifying it for users to send documents while clearly indicating the allowed document types to their support officer.

Responsive Design

This project took precedence over others, and we expanded the feature from the app to the web, ensuring responsiveness for the bank's website.


What I learned


I am grateful to have collaborated on a demanding project with exceptionally talented individuals and multiple teams.



This helped me in enhancing my skills across diverse devices by adapting solutions for various platforms such as iOS, Android, and the web.


Time management

While working on this, I supported the Tablet team and the corporate version of this feature. I had to organize my tasks and establish priorities.


Working with devs

I collaborated with diverse development specialists, including Android devs, iOS devs, and web devs, each with unique requirements. This experience greatly assisted me in adapting to various circumstances.

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