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Eight out of ten people use the public transport in Lima. We are talking about 8 million people. Most users of the public transport are disappointed with the service. According to estimates from the economic journal Gestion, 54% of people are little satisfied, whereas 24.3% are quite disappointed. Besides 42% of people spend one to two hours moving from one place to another.


Branding, UX / UI Designer


September 2015


The aim of the project is to provide a smart solution to enhance the public transport. In that way, over time we can change the perception of this service, and more people will use it.


The users are the people from Lima that are in the economic conditions of buying a smartphone and who don’t have a car. Besides, people who don’t know the routes such as migrants and foreigners.

The challenge

We realized the complexity of the problem. There are more than 300 hundred routes and some informal companies of public transport. Informality is our most big enemy. Before starting, we had to answer this questions:



Road taking

What did we do

Against this questions, we focused on this three main areas.



An app that integrates all public services (train, bus, Metropolitano) and makes it easy to use.


Work together

Ask for help to the institutions that are in charge of the public transport as well as mayors of districts.


Strong community

We wanted that users feel that they are part of the solution. That's why we seek to set up a way in which users can feed the product in order to make it a better solution.



Visual Identity


We are facing a huge problem that people are quite disappointed. So, we wanted to change this perception with one of closeness and order. the imagotype was designed with the aim to be easy to remember as well as friendly. In the case of the symbol, which is a friendly bus with a smile, gives us a versatility of use and an established personality.


Start with words

Flow access

The map indicates the current location. Insert the destination and it will appear the buses that user can take. The user can activate the option of navigation to know the stops. Besides, if the user wants more details of the bus, there is a profile page with relevant information of the bus. If this page doesn’t have a picture, another screen will appear when there is an option to upload one.


Medium fidelity


The app gets the current location and the user has to type the destination. Then, the user has to select the best route. Besides, if the user wants more information about the bus, the user can tap and go to the detail screen.

wireframe-home wireframe-search wireframe-inner

If the user wants to be guided, there is a navigation mode. In this part, the app guides the user to the final destination indicating the stops to take into account and the directions to walk.

wireframe-navigation wireframe-navigation2 wireframe-menu


Key screens

Easy search

Find the best routes to any destination and from any point of origin in Lima and Callao. View on a map and compare different route options, and transport combinations on the same (Bus, Metropolitan, Train, Blue Corridor, Micro).

Smart identification

Identification with name and route number and image of the transport or transports to ride. Recognize in real time the state of the traffic. Find the nearby stops to ride a bus.

Never get lost

In the navigation mode, the user will know the right direction. The user should stay at all times on the route shown on the map.




+100 000


It was downloaded from the Play Store more than 100 000 times with good comments.

+32 000


There are more than 25 000 active users that are very comfortable using the app in their everyday life.


Wayra 2016 award

It was recognized by Wayra, an important start-up accelerator programme, winning the award in 2016.

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