The idea

Somos Moto

Although the number of motorcycles exceeds to automobiles, the motorcycle industry in PerĂº is not being attended as should be. The main problem is the information from the motorcycle models, which is disordered, outdated and vague. It was necessary a digital space where the whole information is gathered. Somos Moto is a web app that seeks to speed up the process of finding the ideal motorcycle.


Branding / UX / UI Designer


Auto Fintech Latam


December 2017


Gather information


One of the challenges that I faced was my basic knowledge of the motorcycle industry. At this point, It was highly valuable to know who the users are and what they look for on a new motorcycle. Field studies, surveys, interviews and focus groups were implemented.

Field Study

The dealership is the place where bikers buy a new motorcycle. Observing the users in their natural environment was really useful to analyze their behavior. To summarize, there are different users based on the type of motorcycle that they choose. I could experience a motorcycle explanation as well.


This exposition of motorcycles was a good place to identify the variety of users.



Social media was the key to gather information through surveys offering some gifts.

424 User answers
20 Gifts delivered

What bikers look for when choosing a new motorcycle?


focus groups and interviews

We had the opportunity to talk with different users, from the user who only uses the motorcycle as a work or transport tool to the user who is really passionate about the industry, establishing a lifestyle and culture.





On the one hand, I noticed that bikers are a united group in which they take care of each other. That's why some of them are in clubs. I wanted to highlight that sense of belonging. On the other hand, the project has a strong technological component. Therefore, it was needed a modern style.



Adrenalin + Community + Liberty

Bikers are in frequent contact with danger. They want to feel free. That's why the logotype is tilted up and misaligned. Bikers feel better when they spend time with other bikers. That's why the logotype has a stroke around based on the acceptance as a natural member of a group.


Main colors

I didn't want the typical black color. In order to add personality and mistery, I selected the dark purple color. At the same time, I chose the yellow color to represent the enjoyable feeling of riding motorcycles. Besides, the contrast between the dark purple and this yellow allows defining hierarchy in the elements.




Visual Design


main character

In the seek of a reinforcement of unity, a character that gives a closer experience with the user was valuable. In that way, Motencio is born with an ease of transformation based on the user. Empathy and compression were personified in different looks.


Motencio's family

All terrain Motencio
sports motencio
sunny motencio
peruvian motencio
executive motencio
adventurous motencio
hard-working motencio

Start with words

User flow




It was highly valuable to develop high-fidelity wireframes because stakeholders were interested in the progress of the project. These were interactives using Invision.



User interface


At glance, the goal was to be clear with what the project does. In addition, the page presents different search alternatives for a motorcycle.

Search results

After a prior search, the user is able to be more specific with filters that show the results in real time. Furthermore, the user can order or choose other display options. The order of the filters is related to the surveys.

Motorcycle Page

This page is determinant to decide what motorcycle buy. The key is the experience and the information. It was necessary to stimulate the senses. Sight and hearing are addressed by big images, videos, and the engine sounds. The order to present the most important features are based on the surveys.

Compare motorcycles

The best way to be sure about a decision is through an effective comparison. In this page, the user can compare up to 3 models and download the result in PDF in order to print it.

My choosen ones

In this page, the user can see the motorcycles that were chosen with the intention to visit the dealership. At the bottom of the page, the favorite motorcycles section is shown.

Visit the dealership

This is the last step of the MVP. In this instance, the user can get the contact information from the most relevant dealership of the brand. Also, the map to visit the establishment and a reminder of the selected model.

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